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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition that manifests as a persistent redness in the cheek and T-zone areas of the face.

It’s a relatively common ailment, impacting around 10% of the population and displaying a higher prevalence among individuals of Caucasian descent.

While severe forms of rosacea tend to afflict men, it frequently emerges among women aged 20 to 50.

The precise cause of this condition remains somewhat elusive, but it is suspected to be linked to issues within the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, as well as heightened blood vessel dilation and immune system irregularities.

Various factors can potentially trigger rosacea, including the consumption of alcohol, use of harsh cosmetic products, emotional stress, exposure to heat and sunlight, and heightened anxiety levels.


red skin
red skin
Rosacea is separated into four sub-types depending on how it shows up:

Other types of facial issues resulting in red skin include thread veins on the face, broken capillaries on the face, facial flushing, broken capillaries, cherry angioma and red marks on the skin caused by breakouts (post-inflammatory erythema).

There are currently, there are several ways to treat Rosacea- from topical creams, and drugs (such as vitamin A derivatives), to laser therapy.

At Smile Aesthetics Clinic we offer topical creams, and drugs (such as vitamin A derivatives).

It reduces redness and the appearance of small blood vessels, at the same time reducing inflammation.
We also offer a number of skincare product solutions which help with the ongoing management of conditions relating to a red complexion.


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